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Betty & Veronica Fanfictions 
Send your fanfiction now!!
This section is reserved for future Betty & Veronica stories, poems, poetries &  songfics by you fans. Unleash your skills and creativity. I know many of you are good writers. Before submitting  your fanfics please read the ACP (Archie Comics Publications)  Guidelines for Use Of The Archie Characters . That's means no adult content & the use you make of the Archie characters is in  keeping with the company's guidelines  ( published on the Archie Official site ) This is strictly important since if your stories do not meet these requirements, I'm  afraid I can't post them here. Keep in mind that we're under tight regulations & laws. I'll try my best to ensure that everything I put up on the site follows those guidelines..  
Once you make sure your story's contents suit the rules, your  submissions are always  welcomed. I'm no fanfic writer but I could provide you with some ideas. How about a crossover between Betty, Veronica & SAILORMOON or B&V being abducted by aliens or B&V get the chance to meet Britney Spears? Hmm...that would be something interesting to write, I hope. Therefore, start writing...I'll be waiting! ^_^.Send your fanfiction to  
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