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  Welcome to the very first ( is it? )Betty & Veronica shrine dedicated to my two favorite girls from Archie Comics. Here you can find everything you want to know about *B&V such as information, pictures, fanfiction,qoutes and other little tidbits I decide to add.  If you have any materials that you would like to contribute to this page, feel free to email me with a few samples and we can always work out something then. Hopefully this page would have proved useful  to you.Enjoy! 
Contents Explainations 
Why?- Just some ramblings about why this site is made & my adoration towards B&V. 
Proflies -Betty & Veronica characters description. 
Love triangle -A quick look on the one of the big issues between B&V... Archie! 
Fashions -Absolutely pretty scans of Betty & Veronica.  
Fanfiction- Betty & Veronica stories by fans. 
Qoutes - Cool B&V lines & qoutes. 
Discussion Board - The B&V Friendship Board.For the discussion on anything, as long as its related to Betty, Veronica & the Archie gang. 
Polls - Vote for who is Archie's perfect match- Betty, Veronica or other girls? Also some other polls. 
Linkage - Link this site. 
Archie Comics Online -The official Archie website. 
Farah's Kingdom Of Arts -My main site with cool stuff such as anime (Eg:Sailormoon) ,art gallery,postcards & more. 
Reference *B&V =Betty & Veronica 
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Disclaimers: Character names and likenesses: TM/© Archie Comic Publications Inc.All Rights Reserved.The ARCHIE  characters were created by John L. Goldwater .The likenesses of the Original ARCHIE Characters were created by Bob Montana. Please note that this page is for enjoyment, not be used for any commercial purposes. I've scanned in the images myself & I am in no way claiming copyrights for the pictures, so don't sue me - please! Under any circumstances, if I do receive an official e-mail from the respective creators & owners saying that they do not want their infos &images up here, I'll remove them when time allows me again. Thank you.