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Is probably the most powerful of all the Super Saiyajin Z Warriors. He is a true warrior and is always training to improve his powers and abillities. He is kind and innocent and has a big heart. He was the first to reach Super Saiyajin form in which his hair turns yellow and his eyes goes green. He also becomes more powerful in this form. After returning from the dead he can obtain Super Saiyajin stage 3, in which he becomes very strong and more powerful than before.
Prince of Saiyajin. He is a proud warrior and is always improving himself to be better. He is a good fighter who is cool and very proud that he doesn't except any help when fighting. He used to evil and cold, intending to be the ruler of Earth, but was defeated by Goku. He then joins the Z warriors and trains so that he can become better than Goku. . 
The mother of Trunks. She was the person who asked Goku to join her in the quest for the seven Dragon Ball, when the series begun. She is kind of an inventor or engineer and is very smart. She invented the Dragon Radar that locates the whereabouts of the Dragon Balls. 
A very good friend of Goku. He was a good fighter when he was training with Goku but he now often lacks the ability he use to have. He tries to avoid fighting powerful beings or is knocked unconscious the in the very first attack. He is bald with six dots on his head and no nose. He is sort of the comic relief with the catch phrase "why is it always me" (or something like that). 
The son of Vegita. There is two trunks in a way. One is a teenage Super Saiyajin who is from the future. He is a good fighter and is very quiet and loyal. He carries with a sword which he obtain when he was young from a mysterious being from another world, who was trapped in a music box. There is young Trunks who is the same trunks but was born after his future self left. He is mischievous and along with Goten the two get into a lot of adventures. He was the one who became friends with the being who gave him the sword. He is one year older than Goten.  
A  proud warrior. He trained Gohan to fight when Goku was dead. He is a loyal friend and is always there to the rescue by directing a Ki ball away from an unconscious Gohan or someone else who has just been fighting a very powerful enemy
The eldest  son of Son Gokou. He also has his fathers powers and abilities. He is smart and is always studying. He is kind hearted like his father and doesn't like to fight very much. However he will fight when he has to. He is a good fighter and maybe more powerful than his father, he achived Super Saiyajin form at a younger age than his father and was first of the saiyalin to reach Super Saiyalin stage 2, which is even more powerful. 
Pan is Gohan and Beedel's / Videl's daughter. She first appears in the last two installments of the manga before it ended. Needless to say, we never get to learn a lot about her before the series ends. She looks just like Beedel did at 16, just a lot smaller. She's pretty tough in a fight for her age and size, and certainly has the potential to become fairly strong. Later, Pan is one the stars in Dragonball GT.
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